Seismic, biorhythm drawings

Question: taking an approach used by artist Deborah Humm, if I use my body as a seismograph, will the biorhythm drawings made vary noticeably as a result of watching different types of programmes on TV?

Drawing1 – 23/09/15, 3:30pm, 62 minutes, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce s1ep1 – feeling calm & relaxed but self-conscious about drawing:

Claire Manning, Biorhythm drawing 1
Claire Manning, Biorhythm drawing 1

Drawing 2 – 23/09/15, 10:25 pm, Celebrity Big Brother s9ep28, 60 minutes – still feeling self-conscious about drawing & fidgety from bad behaviour of contestants:

Claire Manning, biorhythm drawing 2

Drawing 3 – 23/09/15, 11:10pm, 62 minutes, Nashville s3ep20 – feeling sleepy & relaxed:

Claire Manning, biorhythm drawing 3

These feel as if they reveal something of my state of mind at the time of making, unsurprising since my body was part of the drawing tool. This feels like a perfect medium to trap motion on the train, where the seismograph would be my body, the motion of the train and the pencil. It’d also be interesting to test the difference when my body is removed from the equation.

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