Brighton Artists Open Houses Festival May 2018 – 13 trails, 200 houses, 1000+ artists

I’m showing a piece of work made collaboratively with Nicola Saunderson in an exhibition with Drawing Connections, a group of 20+ artists who have chosen to work collaboratively using drawing to challenge their individual practices and study how artists communicate and collaborate

Details: Studio 93A, 93 Islingword Road, Brighton, BN2 9SJ, 11:00am to 5:00pm 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th May

My collaboration with Nicola explores human relationships to non-places by creating collages that change continuously in response to the place where they are installed.

Non-places are marginal, liminal, overlooked spaces usually passed through on the way to somewhere else. They offer barren, non-Utopian mini-worlds of ‘inhuman conditions’ ‘surrendered to solitary individuality, to the fleeting, the temporary and ephemeral’.[1]

This piece (left) brings together a non-space important to each artist. For Nicola it’s a fence along the canal in Aylesbury and for Claire it’s a riverside area in the centre of Maidstone. Nicola is concerned with the fence as a spatial divide, where landscaping moves from the space behind the fence to the space in front of it. Taking cropped viewpoints that highlight areas of interest along the fence Nicola has explored how these can come together to further generate this sense of passing back and forth. Claire responds to how her space makes her feel by collaging imagery and words together that invoke feelings of neglect and pathos, then constructing more architectural lines to provide a scaffold to anchor these feelings. Playing with the space created letting things recede or come into focus as they are changed, forging interconnections between imagery to let something new and unpredictable start to emerge.

Each artist has worked independently. The pieces meet for the first time in the gallery space, with the point of intersection being where Claire’s acetate collage projects itself through onto Nicola’s drawings, interacting with them and altering them. This new ‘other’ space constantly and subtly shifts as lighting conditions in the gallery space alter.

[1]   Marc Augé, ‘Non-Places’, 2008, p.63, p.90

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