Curators Sharon Read and Bethany Murray have chosen a piece of my work for this exhibition, the first time I’ve had work in a purely digital show. It’s an interesting idea that re-positions art away from a white cube space into an alternative, more accessible location.

Exhibiting artists:
Nicola Joanne Carter, Eric Adama, Sam Flyn, Sarah Carr, Jenny Core, Robert Moon, Kerry Jones, Brian Korteling, Jill Hedges, Warren Shaw, Alban Low and Juan María Solare, Jereme Crow, Alan Greenwell, Susana Lopez F, Tarot Couzyn, Ruth Boddington, Claire Manning, Susan Plover, Tony Rickaby

The show was selected from open call and is organised by Gallery202, a contemporary artist-led non-profit initiative who specialise in exhibiting dynamic and diverse ranges of contemporary art in unconventional spaces.

The show is open from now until further notice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Work was selected to respond to a broad notion of Stack:
(noun) heaped pile of things
large number
large pile of things stored outdoors
chimney or chimneys|
aircraft waiting to land
rocky pillar rising from coastal waters
list in a computer memory
arrangement of firearms
measurement for coal or wood
(plural) stacks
book storage in a library
(verb) stack
put or to be put in organised pile
put things on shelf
manipulate unethically
fly or to keep aircraft in stack


Link to exhibition

Claire Manning
Claire Manning

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