The experience of a Vanitas painting session in sound bites

Claire Manning, 'Vanitas n.02' (detail)
Claire Manning, ‘Vanitas n.02’ (detail)

Bleed, bloom, rivulet, disperse, feathered edges
Flick, drip, trickle, pour, drown
Immerse, wash, scrub clean
Perspectival manipulations
Erode, damage, obliterate
Translucent, impenetrable
Pearlescent, glossy, matt
Silvered, glisten, gleam
Decaying degradation
Archaeological traces
Black, tarry negation
Slide, slither, trickle
Dark, doom, gloom
Subtle haunting
Panic, despair
Sueded velvet
Soak; sodden
Gravity, drift
Control – not

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