Exciting new invention hints at delivering the processing power necessary to solve problems

The Problem Solving Machine is a new invention from creative minds at the Stitched Time Collective. It requires a few key carefully sourced ingredients to operate – raw materials, space, work made, and mutiple artistic time given willingly over an immersive period.

Still at initial design stage, early signs hint it has the potential to deliver powerful and exciting results with multiple applications.

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4 thoughts on “Exciting new invention hints at delivering the processing power necessary to solve problems

  1. Hi Claire, interesting that you refer to the stitched time collective. What do you think makes it a collective rather than a collaboration? I’m interested in how one distinguishes between the different words we use to talk about working together. Does it depend on the role of the artist “initiator” or is it something to do with the specific characteristics of the activity?

    1. Clare, I’m drawn to the way these 3 words sound together. Also, for me collaboration implies a group of people starting on an equal footing to deliver something, but this isn’t quite the case here because there are 2 roles, abet the artist-initiator is light touch in terms of what it requires of the artist-workers. Co-operative might be another word I’d pick? Perhaps this is a good question to feed into the problem solving machine???

      1. Let’s see what the problem solving machine spits out! I read a thesis somewhere which suggests collective is about joint authorship, while collaboration is more about single authorship.

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