Artists + collaborative making + time = ?

Key ingredients:
Minimal rules defined re making and materials
A task to be completed which is simple, repetitive, but not completely mindless
An artist-creator who, apart from the key rules, is prepared to relinquish control
Artist-makers willing to give time generously and accede to the rules
Contributors join or leave the group at will but have some consistency over sessions
Immersive working – daily for four to five hours over a few weeks

What’s made:
Construction; the task set is gradually completed
A group structure that is informal and non-hierarchical
A relaxed environment which feels open, welcoming and safe

I didn’t anticipate this.

The overt aim is to produce art work for exhibition but something else accompanies it; a thing with different but equal merit. The dynamics that result feel embracing, welcoming and non-threatening creating easy conversations; periods of companionable silence followed by spontaneous discussion that flows along unexpected and unplanned paths. Intimacy with one’s co-conspirators evolves quickly.

My instincts shout that what’s been created has the power to make a real difference. It offers an enjoyable but effective way to exchange information, air problems and uncover innovative, unusual solutions. People with a shared aim come together to support each other and also perhaps to uncover the potential for real and lasting changes.

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