Collaborative working project initiated by Clare Smith kicks off with an immersive 2 week making session

For me, this project began with an idea of Rosie James and Clare Smith for an open, collaborative project called THREAD, PAPER, CLOTH. Several artists came together on various dates in an open, collaborative exploration of materials and the conversations that occur when making is a shared experience.

Out of this came an idea developed by Clare to make repetitions of a piece of her work – stitched paper scrolls – known as the Stitched Time Project. She has defined materials and basic approach – paper, thread, sewn into a grid-like structure – but inevitably what’s made is shaped by the hand working on them to become something unique. Much is uncertain about the process, but what IS certain is a pre-project collision of artists, materials, discussion and making will take place in Dover over the next few weeks culminating in an exhibition and performance in Limbo, Margate in November!

Limbo, Margate, private view Friday 14th November 2014, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, main exhibition 14th to 23rd November 2014, open Friday to Sunday, 12:00pm to 5:00pm. Further information.

I’m excited by this project! It’s a chance to immerse myself in something that takes my practice out of its comfort zone, nudging it towards performance – something I find fascinating but also frightening. I’m hoping for continued great conversations leading in unexpected directions and, most of all, to be surprised!

Follow my activities here in a daily post.


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