Thread, paper, cloth – a collaborative project between artists…

I’ve been lucky enough to participate in Thread, Paper, Cloth, a collaborative project between Rosie James and Clare Smith. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take time experimenting and chatting in the company of like-minded artists, with no pre-conceptions as to where the end results lead other than to explore the simple joys of materials and making.

I spent the last session working with a book I’ve owned for some time but never read — Folding Techniques for Designers by Paul Jackson. Designed with architects in mind, it offers ideas for manipulating paper, transforming it from flat surface to sculptural object. Some of the results appear here. Each paper became softer once repeatedly re-worked – cartridge paper took on a soft, almost suede-like texture. Thin brown paper was perhaps the most satisfying and malleable to work with holding fine folds very effectively. Tracing paper was the most demanding, jagged and quite harsh on the hands when manipulated but delivering crisp, well-defined creases with a translucent shell-like finish that subtly glows when struck by light.

Jackson’s book demands time to work steadily through the examples given to hone skills before leaping to the exciting stage of creating oneself. Those who know me appreciate I find this level of patience excruciating so this project is perhaps an exercise in self-restraint. If successful, however, its results could get their first airing at Brewery Tap in a small aside to the main event called ‘pint sized’ where artists respond to the challenge ‘what could fit into a pint-sized glass?’ A small paper intervention perhaps methinks?

More images of the work created by participating artists can be found here.

Link to Clare Smith’s blog on A-N

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