The filmic obsession continues — on to video number two…

Has this been a good or a bad week — I can’t decide? I know I’ve been obsessed with film-making since my initial foray into the medium, transmuting collage number two into another film.

I’ve experimented with the final finish — frame length and whether to animate or not — settling finally (for now!) on a simple, paired-down approach that focuses attention on pure looking. Seduced by their ethos and great layout, Vimeo is where both films are now hosted.

The second film was much harder to make than the first. I tried using far more images at a rapid frame rate but the result was too busy and not consistent quality-wise so I’ve stuck with the less-is-more approach.

An attempt to shift To slice n.02 to a filmic state failed, possibly because it has insufficient texture and layering for the photographic interplay of focus and blurring to work.

I must trust my instincts. As with any making process, when it works I seem to shift into an ‘other’ almost transcendental personal state. Forcing making under any other conditions is a warning to STOP!

I film exciting. It’s a fresh way to offer a physical collaged object to a viewer, one insisting upon careful and specific engagement if the spectator agrees to look at all. It sends the work out into the ether with minimum intervention – quick, no need for complex installation – both practical and liberating. But I acknowledge I’m still too close to the initial making process to judge true critical merit. Is the work stronger or weaker than a physically collaged offering, or is it simply different?

Claire Manning, 'To slice n.02', 2014
Claire Manning, ‘To slice n.02’, 2014

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