The problem with developing proposals for new art work…

Claire Manning, Delia Mason n.01
Claire Manning, Delia Mason n.01

have spent the last few weeks preparing another installation-based proposal involving the use of scaffolding. Pulling together these worked-up proposals has been an interesting and valuable exercise to determine the next step forward. However, it’s also somewhat problematic and frustrating in that I now feel partially stuck until I can realise at least one of the proposals and understand the successes and failures of such an increase in scale and use of scaffolding. If none of the bids are accepted, I will need to look for alternative funding sources and exhibition venues.

However, in the meantime, what I can take forward is the ‘object abuse’ angle of the work mentioned in the last post. My intended approach reminds me of the tactics used by fellow A-N blogger and artist Ruth Geldard (…), who uses a particular verb to act as a constraint within each of her pieces. The list of verbs I’ve chosen are: to erode, to fracture, to shift, to tear, to patch, to darn, to peel, to adorn, to accrete, to graffiti, to re-delineate. My next task is to manifest these abuses by producing at least three pieces of work suitable for showing in wall-based exhibitions or more contained spaces. The scale of the collages is increased to 41 x 66 cm and I intend to test different mounting approaches – Dibond, Foamex, and fabric.

Excitingly, I’ve also been invited to show ‘In the shadow of her gaze n.02’ (…) in the CCW Alumni Show, 9th to 17th December, the Triangle and Workhouse galleries, Chelsea Collage of Arts, 16 John Islip Street, London, SW1P 4JU. This is the third space it’s been shown in and I wonder how its character will alter this time?


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