The done and dusted essay

My final essay paper is at last ready. Four copies plus electronic version waiting ready for delivery to meet Monday’s deadline.

I can’t believe how time-consuming the process is – endless reading, writing, re-writing, checking – too much effort in terms of the grade marks awarded but invaluable for setting one’s thoughts and practice within wider theories and concepts. Anyway, it’s a relief to have it finally done and I refuse to look at the results any more just in case I spot something that needs correction.

As usual, the essay threw any possibilities of making work out. However, I now have six weeks preparation for the final graduation show. I’ve been allocated a great exhibition space at Wimbledon – an individual room where it’s easy to control light levels and that has ample wall and floor space to work with. The aim is to treat this period as a mini residency.

I should have all the materials and processes I need to hand – Photoshop, scanner, paper, printer, images, rules for making the work – so am, in theory, poised to make.

The intention is to explore the de-formalisation of the materials – to use materials that may appear in a framed picture, but not necessarily as they’d be traditionally used. I intend to test light in terms of the projected image as another collage element. This is a technique that is new to me so I need to get up to speed with operating projectors. I usually work in series but I think this should be abandoned in favour of varying scale, proportions and constructions. Not sure I have enough time to screen print as I intended so this might fall by the wayside.

However, what is vital is to explore my installation methods thoroughly. In the past I’ve tended to produce fairly traditional wall-hung pictures and plinth-based sculptural work, but I want to free this up to be surprised by it and be taken somewhere I don’t expect to go. This is the most crucial part of my testing as it will have the greatest impact to shape my practice going forward. I suspect the results may take me towards a more installation-based feel.

Bette Davis n.02, 2013
Bette Davis n.02, 2013

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