6 new collaged maquettes – 254 x 158 mm

The screen printing was somewhat of a bust. Interesting results with some potential, but I realise what I’m striving for is better suited to the subtle, sensitive potential of digital print than the harsher abruptness of the screen print, especially the one-colour process.

The scale looks good to me – everything I hoped for.

The maquettes are printed on my Epsom home printer with materials to hand. I’ve learnt I need smooth, slightly absorbent paper – firm but not too heavy for better tearing. Colours are generally best pale as anything too emphatic distracts from the image. Ideally, I need something smooth hammered white, something textured (Asian / Japanese?), and a translucent paper (which would allow magazine pages to be inserted).

I’m off to Jealous Print in a week’s time to see what they can achieve digitally before reassessing the part screen printing has to play.

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