A major leap forward: applying the surreal to Mondrian

Claire Manning, 2013
Claire Manning, 2013

My intention is to develop ideas from the last maquette. The results have a Mondrian influence reflected in the grid-like, black structure and colour blocks. It uses techniques from the box template piece in terms of each area creating a very distinct feel to that of its neighbour, and I think there’s potential to exploit such differences further. In reality, the maquette is 3-D with areas set at varying heights. This emphasises the push / pull impact of the piece – certain areas draw the gaze in, only to have it throw back out again as the eye is drawn to another section of the picture.

The overall tone of this piece is Surrealist. It takes direction from previous work but seems a major and exciting step forward that returns it to a more painterly feel.

This is the first time I’ve juxtaposed a younger and older woman (Fay Compton) together. The Compton image was a gift – it isn’t easy to find promotional postcards of more mature actresses.

Final dimensions should be driven by the collage elements, which need to be in scale. The piece needs to envelope the spectator, but I can’t see need for it to be as huge as recent pieces – perhaps around 1m tall.

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